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Frequently Asked Questions

​Q1.  Does the In-Home Care Worker Registry have a Help Desk?

A. Yes.  The West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services' Aging and Disability Resource Network will answer calls on the toll-free number 1-877-987-3646.  Help is also available by emailing or online at                                    .

Q2.  Why is the In-Home Care Worker Registry necessary?

A. The In-Home Care Worker Registry is mandated by the WV Legislature in response to House Bill 4062 of the 2012 WV Legislative Session.  It is part of an ongoing effort to ensure that the individuals providing in-home care services have been properly trained and are suitable to provide services to West Virginians in their homes.  The Registry will also be a tool available to the public to obtain more information on potential in-home care workers or their current worker.

Q3.  How does the public get to the Registry?

A. The public can access the Registry through the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services' web site at or directly by phone at 1-304-558-3317 or 1-877-987-3646.

Q4.  If someone doesn’t have access to the Internet, can they still access the Registry information?

A. Yes.  Individuals without access to the Internet can phone the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services' Aging and Disability Resource Network State Office at 1-877-987-3646.  Helpful staff can verify a person’s training status and whether the worker meets the Registry’s guidelines and assist in finding needed services.

Q5.  Who is responsible for the information entered into the Registry?

A. The in-home care worker or their agency is accountable for the information entered in the Registry.  The individual or Agency Official who signs the written sworn statement is responsible for the information placed in the Registry.

Q6.  Does the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services guarantee the accuracy of the information in the Registry about In-home Care Workers?

A. The Registry provides limited information about in-home care workers who have successfully met the Registry Guidelines.  Information contained in the Registry may be entered and updated by third parties, and the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services does not guarantee the accuracy of third-party information provided nor endorse any individual or agency listed in the Registry.  It is the responsibility of those accessing the Registry to verify the credentials, employability and competency of any individual listed in the Registry. 

Note:  Agencies that provide state funded in-home care services have certified that their employees meet all standards.

Q7.  Is the Registry employment information for the worker reliable?

A. This information is self-reported.  The West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services does not guarantee its accuracy.

Q8.  Are employers required to enter detailed information on convictions or findings?

A. No.  The only requirements are that there is a current background check, training and Abuse Registry check.  Detailed information requests should be discussed directly with the in-home worker.

Q9.  Before having a new aide come to my home, can I search the Registry to verify the aide’s status?

A.  Yes.  However, all aides currently employed are not required to be entered into the Registry.  Registration in the Registry is voluntary.

Q10.  How do I verify that my nurse is licensed?

A.  You may verify the Registered Nurse that comes to your home is licensed by checking this site: